The Monks

Dhruv Vasani 

(Chief Executive Officer)

The small town guy who knows his way through challenges and limitations. A deep thinker, Operations Architect and Financial Strategist with prior experience in NITI Aayog, Angel Networks, Venture Capitals and Startup incubators. He has previously founded and successfully run almost a dozen ventures in various industries ranging from media & entertainment to investment management solutions. He is our Financial and Legal.

Beware: He can make 2 + 2 = 5.

Akshat Jaiswal

(Chief Operating Officer)

Moving from Jabalpur to Mumbai with years of experience in Pharmaceutical Industry, he is a college dropout who realized business was in his blood. Our Head of Research and Development, Akshat Jaiswal, is a research seed, tech enthusiast and possesses great analytical skills.  He has previously headed many online startups and websites, and spent time exploring software and tools at the age when others played Grand Theft Auto.

Beware: He can eat his food and still eat all of yours.

Arjun Chaturvedi

(Chief Marketing Officer)

Meet our marketing maverick Arjun Chaturvedi. The opportunist who creates one where others see none. He is the guy who, when he sees a product, can instantly tell who to sell it, how to sell it and most importantly whether to sell it or not. With prior experience in professional logistics management, event management and the entertainment industry, he is the head of marketing at The 3 Monks.

Beware: He can charm you with his quick wits.

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